Sunday, July 31, 2011

USA Nautical Festivals

Summer is peak time for nautical festivals in the USA. Along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts, festivals celebrate fish and seafood, recreational fishing, power boating, kayaking, sailing, watersports, beaches, nautical art forms and other interests.

In most areas, seafood festivals are lined with artist's booths, craft vendors and other nautical art exhibits. Some artists will work in a single media or focus on a narrow niche, while others will offer a wide range of nautical gifts.

Visiting beach festivals is another excellent way to find nautical collectibles. Beach festivals usually have tents where vendors can set up booths to showcase their work.

Nautical festivals are usually tied to local traditions. In the Pacific Northwest, nautical shows might celebrate wild salmon or Dungeness crabs, while Mid Atlantic festivals often feature sailing art or boats of the Chesapeake Bay.