Saturday, April 16, 2011

Red Salmon Logos - Artwork

By far the most colorful of the Pacific salmon species is the red (sockeye) salmon. During their ocean phase, adult red salmon exhibit bright silver coloration, with a dark tail. Unlike Chinook or cohos, ocean run red salmon lack black spots.

When these fish begin their spawning migration, they undergo remarkable changes. Their body coloration changes to velvety red, contrasted by their greenish heads and tails.

From late summer thru fall, red salmon return to rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest. Adults returning from sea usually weigh from 4 to10 pounds. Because of their remarkable beauty, red salmon are often photographed or illustrated by outdoor artists.

Red salmon and other freshwater, saltwater and anadromous fish logos are available at fish_fishing_seafood. Most artwork is available in either pre-titled or untitled versions. Untitled artwork from this online store is fully customizable, allowing businesses, clubs or other organizations add captions of text to a design. In addition to entering text, buyers can resize, move or add to artwork during the customization process.

These are a few samples of red (sockeye) salmon artwork:

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